What is PU leather?

October 31 , 2022

For many bag lovers, when we usually buy leather handbags, it may be very difficult to choose between genuine leather or artificial leather. As a very common artificial leather – PU leather, it has a wide range of uses and is enduring. So how should we identify it? Follow me below to have a good look! ! !

PU leather is an artificial leather mainly made of thermoplastic polymers, and vegan PU leather is almost entirely artificial. However, we can have a more comprehensive and detailed understanding of this, and then decide whether to buy it, because leather has its own advantages and disadvantages.

The advantages of PU leather:

Technically, the PU leather is 100% vegan

Functionally, compared to genuine leather, PU leather does not absorb water, and is more durable and easier to clean over time.In general, PU leather is easier to work with than genuine leather, and the stitching is relatively less obvious.Since it is mainly a class of synthetic materials. Therefore, artificial leather will present a wider variety of decorations and colors.

Disadvantages of PU leather:

Because of the chemical nature of the material, it can smell a strong plastic smell.It doesn’t breathe or stretch.It does not develop a patina like real leather.It has a plastic sheen that makes it look cheap and counterfeit.It is not tear or puncture resistant like genuine leather.

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How is PU leather made?

PU leather generally has a texture similar to, but not identical to, genuine leather. It is made by applying a layer of plastic polyurethane on the fiber base. Due to the quality of the manufacturing process, artificial leather can mimic the appearance of genuine leather to a certain extent. Thus it is generally lighter and also more prone to shredding or tearing.Due to the synthesis, it is very easy to appear in many colors, which is more diverse and flexible than leather. Of course, it is still resistant to fading over time. Because PU is mixed with bonded leather and attached to the cloth backing, it is easier to peel and scratch over time. Bonded leather also fades quickly when exposed to sunlight.PVC leather is actually similar to PU leather, but PVC is mainly made by mixing polyvinyl chloride with plasticizers, stabilizers and lubricants, and then applying it to the substrate. Similar base materials will generally be cotton or polyester. In fact PVC is more durable because it has one more layer under the plastic finish. And it also has a foam layer, which is more breathable than PU. Because of its more durable qualities, PVC leather is more commonly found in footwear or some upholstery products. PU and PVC leathers are generally considered vegan, as they are completely free of all animal products, except that it uses a process known as “double shell”.

How to identify PU leather?

Whether you are looking for professional PU leather or trying to avoid it as much as possible. The most important thing is to be able to tell the difference. Even though some products may not always have labels, PU leather is still very easy to identify. If you have a sharp eye, you can easily find the difference between the two just by looking at the product. Genuine leather always has a real texture combined with imperfections, while the pattern of faux leather looks more perfect and very unreal.Texture: It generally ends up being more shiny and doesn’t have as much a texture as real leather. This is also directly reflected in its inability to form patina.Odor: Since this quality is very likely to be highly subjective, relatively speaking, the odor of PU leather is very different from that of genuine leather. PU leather smells more like chemicals or plastic, while leather has a more imperceptible and natural smell.Waterproof test: Under normal circumstances, leather is not waterproof, unless otherwise specified, just like this leather Italian belt bag. On the other hand, PU leather is actually not always very waterproof, nor is it likely to absorb anything.

Genuine leather and PU leather: which is better?

Under normal circumstances, PU leather will be used for about 1-2 years, and then some phenomena of cracking and tearing will gradually appear. Genuine leather can actually last a lifetime or longer if properly maintained, and if durability and longevity are a big issue for you, then genuine leather is most likely a better choice. If you do find yourself choosing between genuine leather or PU leather, we recommend that you ask yourself whether the current cost trade-off is worth sacrificing quality in the long run. .In terms of overall maintenance or cleaning, PU leather is obviously easier on the whole.And leather needs special care with leather lotion and microfiber cloth. Since PU leather is very airtight, dust and dirt will gradually accumulate on it, so it will be easier to wipe off.


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