Some things to consider before buying a leather bag

October 28 , 2022

When many of our buyers first browse a bag, they will like the bag you like very much. In addition to the appearance of the bag, there are also smell, function and feel, etc. Although there are various styles of bags now, we still tend to choose some of our favorite bag styles when buying leather bags, rather than having a series of one-off things.

Here are some important criteria we identified when choosing a handbag:

Materials, tanning, workmanship and longevity

Crafted from premium grain leather, the bag is a vegetable tanned color. The main countries for styles and leathers are France and Italy. Bags made in Italy are renowned for their fine stitching and craftsmanship. Hand-made bags are actually better than machine-made bags because of the finer craftsmanship. Unique artisan elements will have more personality than hand-sewn bags. Therefore, when evaluating the overall quality of our bags, it is necessary to examine the hardware and inner villages, shoulder straps, buckles and handles more carefully. And the best bag is also very likely to become a family heirloom. The style must also be timeless and free from rusting and surface wear on the hardware. Fashion says a lot about you in a bag.

Design and Combination

In terms of design, every girl will have her own aesthetic. But is it a fashion-forward statement or a classic silhouette? Bright colors or muted? Inlaid or flat? Color strap or the same color? Either way, in addition to the personal style of a particular bag, consider the composition of your overall bag. In other words, if you already have a great messenger bag, maybe you need a mini bag or a wrist strap to prepare a more elegant piece for the dinner party. And once you’ve collected a lot of categories, you can start picking some packs from some of the types of activities you’re most involved in.

Materials, tanning, workmanship and longevity

The finest bags crafted from top-grain leather and passed through a range of vegetable tanned colors. Some of the countries in terms of styles and leather are mainly France and Italy. Bags made in Italy are renowned for their fine stitching and craftsmanship. Compared with machine-made bags, hand-made bags are more popular. So when we assess the overall quality of the bag, be sure to carefully examine the hardware and interior, shoulder straps, buckles, handles, and zippers. Owning the best bags is very likely to become our family heirloom. Because the style is timeless, and there can be no rust or surface wear on the hardware. For this reason a bag can say a lot about you.

Maintenance, Confidence and Value

Full-grain leather bags mainly from organic materials. As a high-quality bag, it can be adopted for decades with only very simple maintenance. So wash off foreign objects or spills as soon as possible. Moisturize your soft, buttery leather tote once or twice a year. With the continuous growth of age, the top leather bags will also bloom with a very beautiful luster. Relatively good brands will support them to make better and better products; to provide you with some more reasonable and favorable time to return your bags. If there is no damage caused by your negligence, you can ensure that you can buy better, and give you a week or a month to make good use of this foreskin to ensure that the handle, size and appearance are relatively consistent Or more than expected. The trial period should primarily be used to solidify a value proposition of your bag. The quality is not always the highest expensive bag, and the price is not always the cheap cheap bag. Poor quality bags are actually the most expensive and you have to replace them sooner than expected.


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