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Vintage leather briefcase
Custom Brown Vintage Leather Men's Briefcase
2020 New Men's Vintage leather briefcase
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Custom Ostrich pattern Cow Leather Backpack with LOGO
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China Leather Bag Factory OEM Full Grain Cow Leather Totes
OEM Full Grain Leather outside and cotton lining inside
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  Guangzhou Gionar Leather Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer and trader which offer wholesale service and OEM, ODM service on leather products more than 15 years all over the world. (1)We have two own factories and ten cooperation factories. We can offer any leather/PU/Canvas products as customers' requirements; (2)Our main products are:Leather handbags,...
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4 Things to Consider When Choosing a Bag Manufacturer
4 Things to Consider When Choosing a Bag Manufacturer 23 Sep , 2020
As you’re designing your bag, you’ll also need to select a manufacturer who will produce and deliver your special products. While it’s one of the last steps of the process, choosing the right bag manufacturer early on is an important component of a successful order. Going with an experienced, high-quality manufacturer will help ensure that your product meets your expectations for craftsmanship, cost and delivery. Selecting an inferior manufacturer could introduce errors, reduce the quality of your thoughtful design or it could even cost you time and money. In this post, we suggest four questions to ask to help you choose the right bag manufacturer.   Four Questions to Ask your Bag Manufacturer   Is there a minimum order quantity? You likely are designing your bag around a particular campaign or purpose. This could be gifts for your staff, as part of a promotional giveaway or to create an inventory of products that you sell online or at retail locations. In all cases, you’ll want to estimate the number of bags you’ll need for your initial or subsequent campaigns and seek a manufacturer that can produce that quantity. It’s an important early question to ask to make sure that your prospective bag manufacturer is a good fit for your needs and budget.   At Gionar Bags, for example, our minimum order quantities are based on a number of variables such as style, material and production costs. Depending on your unique bag, this will typically be a minimum order quantity, or MOQ, of 50 bags or more. We don’t want you to get stuck ordering and paying for more bags than you need! So, if you only require a few bags, you’ll want to seek out a manufacturer that can meet this need.   Do you offer design assistance? Chances are, this is one of your first experiences in designing a custom bag. We know that it can feel a little overwhelming given how many choices you have for bag style, material, colour and so much more. You may need a bit of design assistance to put your one-of-a-kind bag together. This could be support from the beginning with all aspects of the design, or, this could be just a bit of help to add the finishing touches to your bespoke creation. In either case, you’ll want to inquire if your bag manufacturer offers design assistance, should you need it. Surprisingly, this type of assistance is not always offered. Some manufacturers have no such service, while others will charge an additional fee for support.   At Gionar Bags, we offer always-free design service to ensure you get the perfect bag every time. This begins from the moment you reach out. We offer a free consultation at the onset to understand your goals and your budget. Then, we work with you every step of the way to share ideas, shape your design, answer questions and make the entire process easy.   What are my options for custom materials and design features? You might have a vision of the exact bag you’d like to produce. Perhaps something on Pinterest or E...
Hello, dear! Do you want to create custom leather handbag? Looking for the best in the business? Here at Guangzhou Gionar Leather Product Co.,ltd, we work with the best genuine leather and most talented designers to craft the best custom leather accessories, belts, bags and stationery to suit your needs and requests There are two different ways you can work with us. The first one is by having a look at our phenomenal stock of bags and accessories. Here you will find so much to suit your taste and preferences. Have a look at our beautiful in-stock range to see if we have something you like already: click for more details. All our in-stock solutions can be easily and quickly embossed with your logo or with your pattern. The second one involves a complete best service from our side. We design and manufacture your product from start to finish listening to your requests and needs; helping you select the best from our leather selection, giving you advice when it comes to choosing the right shape, size and colour; and finally completing a collection of custom leather accessories on your behalf. We can create everything when it comes to leather accessories from briefcases to totes, belts and stationery including organisers. Most importantly, we can work with very low minimum orders starting from 150 units only. So what are you waiting for? Give us a call or an email today: Tel: +86 13922774581 Email:
How To Choose Bag Manufacturer
How To Choose Bag Manufacturer 17 Sep , 2020
As regard to the leather bags, we have a lot to say. If you have been selling for a long time, you will know that whether it is the customers of customized bags or the consumers of single-item bags, they will always have many problems,  many unexpected problems. To tell the truth, the factory of customized leather bags is recommended here, with 15 years of leather bag production experience, engaged in leather OEM processing for many years and has won the trust of many brand customers, Both pre-sales and after-sales have reached customer standards. When choosing a custom-made bag manufacturer, we should pay attention to not just unilaterally know the manufacturer in its promotional information. The first thing we have to do is to select the manufacturer and watch the promotional information and product display content on its official website or on Alibaba. The experience of setting up the factory, then look at the production cases, and finally the observation in the factory. The on-site inspection of the factory is the most important part. Whether it is its management, service, or production line, we have to make detailed Analyzing, of course, what we care about is the inspection of the finished products. Whether it is craftsmanship or design, we can't let go of the smallest details, because the things in the exhibition hall are the best. Who knows what the products will be after the first line of production ? Distributors of customized leather goods and bags, after reading this article, are you clear totally? If not, please pay attention to Guangzhou Gionar Leather Co., Ltd., contact us to arrange relevant personnel to explain carefully, if you are looking for a manufacturer, you can consider us, after all, we have been in the leather customization industry for 20 years. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions on leather customization. Rosanna Email:  Phone/WhatsApp: +86 13922774872 Skype:
2020 winter bag color trend
2020 winter bag color trend 16 Sep , 2020
What color will be the trend in winter 2020? Follow Gionar’s footsteps and take you to explore the bag color trend in winter 2020! (1) grayish blue: Gray blue is a color with low purity and low brightness. It gives people an elegant and introverted feeling, as if facing a gray ocean, exuding a comfortable nostalgia. Gray and blue are appropriately matched, and the neutral color creates an elegant texture, which is a versatile color. The combination of gray-blue and a highly designed silhouette gives the bag an elegant but not indifferent, not to be ignored but not too gorgeous. (2)Deep moss green Deep moss green is a kind of green with high purity and low brightness. Using it in a large area will give people a lush feeling deep in the forest, with a slight yellow tone, making the whole show a warmer tone. Green has become the dark horse in autumn and winter. As the most vital color, it has become a dazzling choice on the shows of major brands. It brings innate freshness and naturalness to the bag, while interpreting an elegant and calm retro atmosphere. (3)Mocha Mousse Mocha mousse, which belongs to the earth color system, is lighter, softer, more restrained, low-key and connotative color than Mocha, which is more suitable for autumn and winter. Mocha mousse is the most common color in the design of the bag, it is easier to bring a classic shape, and it is more artistic with the bag with a full sense of design. (4) Halo Gray The ash is made with a lot of white and a small amount of black, like a hazy snowy night in winter, quiet and temperament. The halo gray will not be too dull, and when used in a large area, it presents a quiet and high-level texture. With the hardware fasteners full of styling, it presents a minimalist industrial style. Gionar is a high-quality leather factory with 15 years of experience, specializing in all kinds of trendy leather/PU handbags, men's bags, etc. We keep up with the development of the trend and design different fashionable handbag styles according to the popular colors and styles of the season to win the favorite and long-term trust of customers.   Gionar can provide customers with new trends in the season, or customize exclusive styles for customers, contact us for more new trend handbags designs.   Skye Phone/WeChat /whatsapp: +8613922774551 Email:
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