How to clean leather bags better?

November 5 , 2022

In our daily life, bags are seen as an indispensable thing by many people. Bags have different designs, fabrics and functions. Due to the different functions, the types of bags include laptop bags, school bags, trolley cases, briefcases, handbags and so on.In fact, women will have at least one bag, usually women will have more than 3 bags, and because of the variety of bags, they will match different clothes according to different bags. In fact, many people will think about buying bags, because leather bags are relatively fashionable, very easy to clean and use for a relatively long time, and the price is relatively higher. Do you know how to clean a leather bag? Do you know the correct way to clean a leather bag? In the following description I will tell you how to clean the bag.


  1. Ballpoint pen handwriting

Do you often have ballpoint pen writing on your purse by accident? What should we do when this happens? What we have to do is to apply layers of egg white or alcohol with a concentration of up to 95%, then let it rest for five minutes and then wash it off with water.

  1. Oil

There is a situation that accidentally gets oil stains, which will be very troublesome. If your bag is colored, we should take an appropriate amount of detergent to clean it, and then use a relatively soft brush to dip in water and brush gently. Rinse with water after the oil stain disappears. If it is a white leather bag, you can use diluted bleach to clean it better, and the effect will be more obvious.

  1. Fading

Manufacturers will produce a variety of colors according to the different preferences of consumers. Dark leather bags sometimes fade. At this time, you can try soaking them in concentrated salt water for a minute, and then rinse them with clean water.


  1. Dyeing

In fact, many people now like to wear jeans, but the leather bag is likely to be stained with the color of jeans. At this time, when we clean the leather bag, we should use soapy water to clean it continuously, and the dyed area will disappear because of this.


  1. Moldy

Some leather bags that have not been strictly dried during the production process are likely to become moldy when they are used. Usually at this time, we don’t need to be nervous, just put the bag in warm soapy water at 40 degrees. Rinse with clean water after ten minutes of soaking. If it is a white color leather bag, it can be dried in the sun for ten minutes.

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