Do you want to create your own branded handbag?

November 3 , 2022

For a businessman who is preparing or is about to start a bag business, the dream should be to create his own brand! But dreams are beautiful and there are many things to consider, such as how do I go about finding the right manufacturer? What material should be used to do it? How much will it cost? How to customize the bag you want? Many questions seem to be time consuming. But you can save a lot of time with us! ! ! The professional Gionar team will help you turn your dreams into reality. Now let us tell you how you should start?

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Define your brand first

In addition to creating design products, it is also necessary to carefully understand how to create a more enthusiastic brand. Consider building your brand and product, and most importantly, be able to express the brand philosophy and passion you want to express. If you don’t know what to do, you can ask our professional design team to help you turn your enthusiasm from idea into reality.

Design the product you want

After designing the brand you want, you can ask professional us about the product you want to design in your mind, we will help you do a series of processes and give you the bag you want!

Make your product

Assuming you have completed the previous series of steps, and after sending your samples, you can start producing your product. You can communicate and exchange with us constantly. We will constantly check the bag details, design specifications, product construction and more. And work with you to find the best solution to make your product from dream to reality.

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    If you are interesting in our product or have any idea, please let us know.