How does Gionar leather ensure the quality of handbags in production

December 21 , 2021

For the handbag factory that produces handbags, quality is related to the future development. But there is no future for a luggage factory without a profit. The quality of handbags seems to be closely related to the profit of the road luggage factory. In fact, many details also directly affect the quality of handbags.

We know that quality is the lifeblood of a company’s survival. In the handbag processing industry, Gionar Leather pays great attention to quality, because the handbag processing industry itself is also a labor-intensive business, so the female package workers in Gionar Leather To ensure that every bag we produce does not have quality problems, we have formulated many processes and standards for the subdivision of each female bag processing process. For example, take a look at our Guangzhou Gionar Leather Goods as guaranteed quality?

A core: no quality problems occur; how to ensure that no quality problems occur. Process and standards: First of all, the female bag factory Gionar Leather emphasizes that quality should be problem-prevention and prevention-oriented, and then we find the operating standards before producing and processing female bags. Formulate the process, operate according to the process, check according to the standard, and report for confirmation after each process is completed.

The standard for processing female bags in our Gionar leather handbag factory:

1. Prevent problems: (analyze and record in advance)

①. Find the production order before going online: record customer requirements;

②. Find the sample package before going online: record the process requirements, process key points, difficulties, and problems;

③. Check if there are any notices about changes before going online;

④. Show customer requirements, process requirements, process key points, difficulties, problems, changes, etc. in the working day plan to remind you to achieve no omissions;

2. Find the standard: (Where did the standard come from?)

①. Production order: customer, delivery date, quantity, color, material, cut piece, size, process requirements, customer requirements, etc. standards;

②. Production sample package: standards for process operation;

③. Routine operating standards: standards for stitch length, margin and other aspects;

④. Change notification: standards for temporary changes, customer changes, process improvements, etc.;

3. Operate according to standards: (Church staff)

①. Talk to employees: explain the key points, problems, and problems until the employees understand;

②. Show it to employees: Make the first standard until the employees understand it;

③. Let employees do it for you: teach employees until they reach the standard;

4. Check according to the standard:

①. Management: According to the first piece inspection;

②. QC member: Check according to the standard, and by the way, check whether the first piece meets the standard;

③. Staff: Check whether the previous process is correctly up to standard in the next process;

5. Report confirmation:

When an abnormality is found, report to the superior in time, and continue production after confirming and solving the problem;

With such a complete system, the quality of the female bags produced by our female bag factory, Gionar Leather, can be guaranteed. For processing female bags and custom female bags, I believe you will save a lot of trouble if you find such a female bag factory. Save a lot of time and avoid a lot of disputes.

At the same time, Gionar Leather insists on the necessary investment in order to ensure the quality of handbags. For example, replacing outdated machinery and equipment, introducing a large number of computer-controlled equipment, and reducing manual intervention. In the past, some thread ends of handbags were cut off manually with the cutting head. This was inefficient and often left uncut thread ends. This also caused a renewed understanding of the management of Gionar Leather. Searching for channels, I quickly found an automatic thread trimmer that can trim the thread head. Greatly reduce the impact of the quality of thread and line handbags.

The load-bearing limit set by Gionar Leather for handbags is 50kg, so the fashionable handbags we produce will undergo repeated heavy object tests to measure the load-bearing capacity and deformation of the handbags. For some special load-bearing hardware components, after confirmation by the designer and production manager, it is usually customized by the manufacturer. I remember that a small rivet hardware was directly brought back from the market last time. During the weight test, some rivet feet broke. After discussions between the designer and the production manager, it turns out that this rivet foot is thin round needle-shaped and has limited load-bearing capacity. It is recommended that the rivet foot be more flaky and tapered, but the cost of light hardware will increase by about 10%. The company does not hesitate adoption.

Of course, the measures taken by the Guangzhou luggage factory Gionar Leather to ensure the quality of handbags are far more than these 3 points, such as the proficiency of the workers, the reasonable arrangement of the production line, etc., are closely linked, and all Gionar people firmly erect the quality indications. , Speaking clearly, to ensure the quality of every handbag in your hands.

If you are looking for a handbag factory with quality assurance, I suggest you come to Gionar Leather. The 16-year Gionar Leather handbag factory has accumulated not only technology, but also our serious pioneering and innovative attitude!

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