Where is the Wholesale Bags Market in Guangzhou

Apr 02, 2020

Looking to import handbags from China but don’t know where to start? Guangzhou handbags wholesale market is located in Gui Hua Gang near Jie Fang Bei Lu. It is a handbag wholesaling market mainly targeted at middle and high quality handbags, and no other handbag wholesale markets in China can beat it down in turns of scale and sales. It has attracted handbag manufacturers all over the world including the Pearl River Delta, Zhejiang, Fujian, Hongkong, Macau, etc. with its fast development in sales.

"Guihuagang", "Ziyuangang" and Sanyuanli Avenue constitute the general outline of the Sanyuanli Leather Goods Empire, which has also become one of the busiest areas in Guangzhou.

Here’s a quick guide about handbag markets in Guangzhou if you are looking to buy bags from China.

1.广州桂花岗皮具批发市场 Guihuagang leather goods wholesale market

Guihuagang is a must go for wholesalers. The Guihuagang leather goods wholesale market gathers more than 5,000 domestic and foreign leather goods brands, more than 20 types of luggage products, high-end, low-end complete. Includes women's bags, men's bags (wallets, purses, school bags, handbags, shoulder bags, shoulder bags, backpacks, travel bags, waist bags, student bags, trolley cases, computer bags, backpacks, cosmetic bags) and other luggage Various varieties of products.

*Address :No.1107 ,North of JieFang Road ,YueXiu District,Guangzhou City ,China.

*Bus station :21 24 38 58 74 87 127 187 244 251 254 257 280 509 511

2.白云世界皮具贸易中心Baiyun World Leather Trading Center

This is probably the most frequented handbag market for foreign tourists seeking for counterfeits. It has evolved to be a shopping venue serving a mostly foreign crowd with a diverse range of goods(most are fake), including handbags, clothes, shoes, watches, jewelry, etc.

From the underground to the 2nd floor most shops are selling fakes. On the upper floors, there is a handful of handbag suppliers in China with their own designs.

It’s a place to horn your bargaining skills if you are looking for counterfeits. Most of the sales in the China handbag shops can speak conversational English.

Address: No.1356,1358 Jie Fang Bei Road, Baiyun district

Business hours: 9:00-18:00

Traffic routes:

A: Take the bus, Konggan Express Line 1 or Konggan Express Line 1 White Horse Building Line. (Take in Baiyun Airport T1b area)

The fare is 20 RMB, and the journey takes 20 minutes.

B: Take the Subway, North Extension of Metro Line 3, ride at Airport South Terminal 1--get off at Jiahe Wanggang Station and transfer to Line 2, (direction of Guangzhou South Railway Station)-Get off at Sanyuanli Station, exit C2.

C: Take the Taxi,

The starting price of a taxi in Guangzhou is 10.0 yuan, the starting distance is 2.5 kilometers, and 2.6 yuan per kilometer. No fuel surcharge, please refer to.

3.盛亿皮具城 Shengyi Leather Market

The market area devoted to cheap China wholesale PU bags/canvas bags is located on the opposite side of Baiyun World Leather Center, across the bridge. These China bag markets spanning along Ziyuangang houses an endless maze of handbag shops, and the best part is most are handbag manufacturers in China.Expect to find loads of ladies bag manufacturers in China. Some China wholesale handbag suppliers also offer wholesale price if you reach the MOQ of three pieces, usually these bags are storing in their warehouses nearby.

Address: No. 1461-1471, Jiefang North Road, Guangzhou (next to Guangzhou Railway Station, 10 minutes by taxi from airport, the transportation is very convenient)

4.金亿皮具广场 Jinyi Leatherware Plaza

Address: No. 1145, Jiefang North Road, Sanyuanli, Baiyun District ( Intersection of No. 1453 North Jiefang Road and Airport Road, Guangzhou, Baiyun Airport to the north, Guangzhou Railway Station to the south.)

5.新东豪商贸城 Xin Dong Hao Leather City

Mainly engaged in different grades, various types of leather goods, luggage and other products, can meet the procurement needs of various leather goods buyers, marketers.

The mall is mainly focused on leather goods such as women's fashion bags, business men's bags, leisure bags, etc. The leather goods are mainly leather, with diverse and complete products, trendy and novel styles, and settled in emerging leather goods brands such as OSTEN, SANZI and Aigna. Concentrated leather manufacturers across the country.

Address: 18-22 Resources Just Road, Guangzhou

6.梓元精品皮具商场 Ziyuan Leather Mall

Address: 广州梓元东三街8-10  No.8-10, Ziyuan East Third Street, Guangzhou

7.中港皮具商贸城  Guangzhou Zhong Gang Leather Wholesale Market

Address: Junction of Jiefang North Road and Guanghua First Road, Guangzhou

8.祥茂皮具城 Xiangmao Leather City

Address: 2-30 Xiangyuan Road, Sanyuanli, Guangzhou

9.祥盛皮具城  Xiangsheng International Leather City

Xiangsheng International Leather City is a large medium-to-high-end leather leather goods wholesale market

Address: 4 Xianggang Street, Xiangyuan Road, Baiyun District

10.祥天皮具城  Xiangtian Leather City

Address: No. 17, Xiangyuan Road, Sanyuanli Avenue, Baiyun District, Guangzhou.

11.名驹皮具商贸中心 Mingju Leather Trade Center

Main men's and women's bags, leisure bags, school bags and other products

Address: 1381-1383 Jiefang North Road, Guangzhou

12.柏丽皮具城  Parklane Leather City

Address: No. 15 Ziyuangang Road, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou

13.亿森皮具城 Yisen Leather Building

YiSen Leather Marjet is a Southeast Asia's largest leather goods distribution center. It is located in Zi Yuan Gang Leather wholesale market area`s centre. Yisen Leather Market have more than 300 leather goods shops and leather goods exhibition hall, products are fashionable and diverse, both middle and low high, mainly in the high-end leather goods, a group of famous quality leather goods. Its products include: handbags, briefcases, shoulder bags, backpacks, bags, and tourism bags, belts, wallets, shoes, leather metal, paper and other materials. Yisen Leather Market to meet the city's merchants around the world on products, and types of models for the different needs of each of a large number of products are sold throughout China and around the world. Yisen Leather Market have a good internal environment and facilities. Apart from the basis of quick and thoughtful service, Yisen Leather Market for foreign trade customers, translation, legal advice and other top quality business services, especially for customers around the world including suppliers, negotiate (translation), import and export, transport, insurance, international settlement, part of a full service trade. Yisen Leather Market adjacent to the Guangzhou Railway Station, and the BaiyunAirport, convenient transportation, and environmental advantages.

Products: handbags, briefcases, shoulder bags, backpacks, bags, and tourism bags, belts, wallets, shoes, leather metal, leather

Address: No. 1389 North Jiefang Road, Baiyun District, Guangzhou

15.花都狮岭皮革皮具城  Huadu Shiling International Leather City

Just 20 km north of downtown Guangzhou, Shiling is building up into becoming the centre for leather goods and materials to serve the entire country.

Leather reaching world markets from Shiling

Shiling Leather City has also been designated by the China Leather Industry Association (CLIA) as one of the leading specialised markets to be nurtured by the state. Moreover, it is nominated as one of the five major specialised markets in Guangdong.

Shiling is home to a large number of famous brands of leather goods in China, such as Fansite, Liannu, Beijixiong, Ludasi, Pingguo Wangzi, Jixiang and Feilong. Agents of renowned foreign brands which have set up offices in Shiling include Montague and Crocodile. Large-scale leather goods enterprises have also mushroomed.

Tips: If you take taxi cost about 150RMB from the city centre to Shiling. There are shuttle bus from The BaiYun Leather market to Shiling every 20mins. from 6:30am to 7:00pm.

Address: No.71-74,He He Rd, Shiling, Hua Du,Guangzhou

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