Experience custom wallet manufacturers with our professional team. Our expert manufacturers are devoted to creating a product that meets your exact standards, and we’re offering you the chance to try it before you buy through free samples!

Custom Wallets Manufacturer

What Can We Do For You?

Gionar was started with the goal of making

Custom & quality wallet manufacturing easy & accessible

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One-stop Service


From wallets to customized labels or packaging, work with us to make everything you need


You can save a lot of money, time and energy spent dealing with leather goods manufacturers. Here we can get one-stop solutions for packaging style, sample making, production and transportation.

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Reduce risks in wallets

Don’t keep large stocks

You will get our help from the support of our order quantity. And the minimum order quantity of each wallet is 100 pieces.

Discover as a new brand

With us, you will be able to discover what is the most effective and what is ineffective as a new brand you want, and all these will not have a huge cost and impact on us.

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Provide you with high-quality wallets

Strict industry standards

We have products and services that are higher than industry standards. Many customers are very satisfied with our integrity and services. At the same time, after cooperating with us, we also have products that they are more satisfied with.


We have more than 18 years of experience in fashion wallet making, which is why many customers trust us very much.

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Make your ideas a reality

Give it life

Provide us with your creative design or project. We provide you with OEM / ODM services and special customized services.

Build your brand

We will provide you with professional services, be responsible for developing and designing your ideas and leading a series of manufacturing processes, so that you will have less worries and focus more on marketing and building our brand.

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Get a better price

Offer more attractive prices

For many large orders, we provide you with more attractive prices and experience to help you better win the market.

Obtain relatively greater profits

With the continuous expansion of your brand awareness and the continuous growth of business volume, we provide you with the best support and help, and can be satisfied with maintaining higher profits when cooperating with us.

Why choose
Manufacturing Wallet

Our professional design and production team will help you with all your work about wallets
We mainly develop small and medium-sized wallet brands, and help well-known wallet brands develop new designs. Your success is crucial to us. From the initial development of samples to the subsequent production orders, we will try our best or provide personalized services to continuously meet your specific needs.
Gionar Company

Custom Wallet Cooperation Process

Here’s how we can work together to turn our ideas into reality and ensure that all of our work together can achieve good important operations

Send to us

After submitting your inquiry, our experts will discuss your product requirements and make sure whether we can bring your ideas to life.

Custom Wallet Cooperation Process - Send enquiry to us


After that, we will start to formulate your product design and send you the customized price budget for your project. And we also want to talk about the estimated order quantity.

Custom Wallet Cooperation Process - Designs communication


We will start to make various styles of paper moulds, order suitable Pu or leather for your design, and send it to you for selection. It takes about 7-15 days to make samples.

Custom Wallet Cooperation Process - Product development


If you are satisfied with the product sample, you can arrange mass production. If necessary, you will receive pre production samples and need to arrange a down payment.

Custom Wallet Cooperation Process - Bulk production

checks & control

After the product is produced, the quality control team will check the product to ensure that there are no problems. Solve all production problems before sending the product to the packaging department.

Custom Wallet Cooperation Process - Quality checks & control

Packing and

Finally, we will help you handle the transportation work and deliver your products to your best address after finishing your products. At this stage, we need to pay the freight and the balance before shipping your product.

Custom Wallet Cooperation Process - Packing and Shipping

Custom Wallet Materials

Personalize your wallet with our options! Choose from a range of custom materials to really make it yours.
Custom Wallet Materials - PYTHON TEXTURE
Custom Wallet Materials - CROCODILE TEXTURE
Custom Wallet Materials - LITCHI TEXTURE
Custom Wallet Materials - SMOOTH TEXTURE

Wallet Manufacturer

We understand that passionate action is the result of powerful inspiration. To help fuel this wildfire of inspiration, our leather goods are crafted with thoughtfulness and intentionality.

Gionar provides comprehensive wallet manufacturing solutions to brands looking for the highest level of craftsmanship. With a focus on forming partnerships for long-term success, from design and development to quality control and freight logistics. Our vertically integrated network enables greater flexibility and control over the supply chain, allowing us to offer finished products across a wide range of segments. With decades of experience in wallet manufacturing, Gionar is committed to delivering quality products with exceptional customer service on time and within budget.

Custom Wallet Manufacturer

Our company is a custom Wallet manufacturer with the goal of meeting the highest quality standards. Our experienced team of craftspeople is capable of producing bespoke leather Wallets that meet your exact specifications, creating a one-of-a-kind product tailored to you. We take pride in providing reliable and friendly customer service, as well as quick turnaround time. With decades of experience in leather Wallet manufacturing, our commitment to quality makes us an ideal partner for your business. Let us know how we can help you create the perfect custom leather Wallet!

Wallet Manufacturer Design

At Gionar, we understand that each project is unique and requires a dedicated approach. We are here to transform your vision into a tangible product that meets the expectations of your customers. Our experienced team of in-house designers has the knowledge and skills necessary to help you every step of the way – from wallet concept to design brief. We focus on understanding your goals and strive to match them with material options and pricing, so that you achieve the results you desire within your desired timeline.

Wallet Manufacturer Sourcing

When sourcing materials for the production of wallets, it is vital to ensure their quality and ability to align with the product’s overall vision and design. We understand how essential it is to you that those materials are ethically sourced and that they follow your company’s sustainability and human rights policies. We will strive to find materials that match these standards so you can have peace of mind knowing your products are high quality, environmentally friendly, and produced in accordance with socially responsible practices.

Wallet Manufacturer

We understand that the success of an idea is not measured by just how good it looks on paper, but how well it translates into reality. We prefer to work closely with our clients throughout the entire manufacturing process to make sure that the resulting product meets and surpasses the original vision. Our team is highly experienced in realizing ideas, ensuring that you get a finished product that can realize maximum impact.

What to look for in a wallet manufacturer

Finding the right wallet manufacturer can be a key part of your success when it comes to producing quality products. When looking for a wallet manufacturer, there are a few specific factors that you want to consider.

Look at the company’s pricing structure, including bulk discounts and estimated delivery times.

It’s also important to make sure that customer service is up to your high standards so you can guarantee an efficient and satisfactory shopping experience for your customers.

Certifications or awards are held that demonstrate high levels of quality control and assurance when it comes to the materials used and the production process.

Beyond Wallets, We Also Delve Into Customizing A Variety Of Bags

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