Why use leather for bags and suitcases?

July 31 , 2022

In the process of making many articles with leather, the most common one is applied to bags. Why is there such a big adoption of  leather? For leather, the main reason is that leather has good durability and high quality. In terms of elasticity and strength, leather is very good in these two aspects. It is very suitable for suitcases and daily bags. While providing protection for items, leather bags can also last for a long time. If you need to have a tough and durable material, leather is the first choice, and also has a rich personality. With the continuous progress of time, it can last for decades.

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As a kind of material with a wide range of uses, leather bags are different in shape, color, size and so on, which can continuously meet a variety of needs. It is very durable in terms of time maintenance, and can constantly adapt to the changes of fashion without outdated status; Usually, we think that a real high-quality leather bag will symbolize identity and status, because it is fashionable and expensive at the same time.Although cleaning bags and regular maintenance are very important steps for bags, it is very easy for us to extend the quality of leather if necessary. You only need to use a clean wet cloth to gently wipe the bag, and then you can remove some dust and dirt left on it. Or you can buy some products that are suitable for the bag, and ensure the softness of the bag and the hair conditioner that prevents drying. As a main porous material, leather comes from animal skin, so there will be pores on the leather surface to continuously absorb moisture, so it will never be 100% waterproof.


As a porous material, leather mainly comes from animal skin. There are pores on the surface to absorb water, so it will never have a 100% waterproof effect. Unless it is treated, it generally has a natural waterproof property and will not be easily damaged. In case of light rain, water will not seep into our lining. This is especially useful for bags made of leather, so it can also make them more practical throughout the year. There is no doubt that leather is one of the best materials for making suitcases and bags, because it is fashionable and very beautiful, and it has very complete functions, which can ensure the long-term use of time.

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