Here’s what you need to know about buying a quality leather bag

July 31 , 2022

There can be many confusing questions when it comes to shopping for a leather bag. At this time, you will think about how to better buy a better high-quality leather bag. The current market includes a lot of low-quality craftsmanship, cheap fake leather, and hardware that breaks accordingly in a season or two. For this reason, we specially consulted a relatively professional leather craftsman to understand the situation.Few people in China know how to make a finer leather bag better than the factory master Li. For more than ten years, he has been designing and handcrafting top-quality leather products in the Gionar studio. Master Li is a representative old Chinese craftsman, he never cut corners, and has been trying some ways to improve his products.Naturally, in the more than ten years of his career, he has a lot to share on such topics.


Genuine leather VS Imitation leather

How to identify genuine leather or imitation leather?

If you have any doubts about whether the bag is made of genuine leather or imitation leather, please believe me and do not buy it.For premium leather, it is a more natural product, and no artificial leather has the same durability or quality.Look for “full-grain” leather whenever possible; a type of leather that has not been altered to hide many of the natural marks on the leather. Items marked with genuine leather are generally leather slivers removed from the back of the leather, imprinted with a faux grain pattern, and then painted with a painted surface very similar to full grain leather. This is very deceptive, and since this type of leather is not as durable or soft.

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For determination of leather quality

The process of tanning and selection of leather ultimately determines the quality of a piece of leather. The choice of leather mainly refers to a degree of cleanliness of the leather in terms of natural marks relative to the leather. Generally, leather is graded by the overall health of the animal’s skin and the cleanliness of the leather.Tanning is more durable and less prone to break down during processing of our animal skins and leather production. Traditionally, tannins are used in the tanning process, and tannins are mainly acidic compounds derived from fir bark or oak trees. Tanning can be carried out using mineral or vegetable methods. And before tanning, the skin can be degreased, dehaired, and desalted and then soaked in water for about 6 hours to 2 days. In the process of tanning, coloration is also more likely to occur.In general, high-quality leather should have a relatively soft touch and be more attractive to people. Nor should it resemble vinyl or any kind of synthetic material. And avoid using any kind of rubber or plastic that doesn’t have the same ageing or strength benefits as leather.

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Finishes and Linings

All liners in the package should be mainly made of durable materials, and it is also obvious that they have long-term value. Internally, whatever is cheap or fragile reflects the life expectancy of the product or the overall craftsmanship. A good finishing cleaning of edge surfaces is one of the most time-consuming operations in leather goods. Hand-polished edges are often the case with high-quality bags. This is also one of the ways that artisans can come to show attention to their products.

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Zipper and Hardware

For the zipper, the zipper is a very important part of the bag, and it will never be damaged. And once the zipper is broken, a bag can become useless. For brass, it is usually an option for a high-quality zipper, copper or nickel plated. For the highest quality zippers with unsharp teeth and zipper sliders also made of brass. For most zippers, it will break after a period of wear and tear of the fabric on the edge of the teeth, so you should need to find some relatively stable zipper tape fabric. It is also very important that the zipper can be placed correctly in the bag and the operation is smooth, so it is necessary to make a few trial runs to ensure smooth sliding and reduce unnecessary friction. Therefore, in the end, the size and weight of the zipper should also be adapted to the size of the bag to consider whether it may be overfilled at some point.

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