Gionar leather tells you how to identify the authenticity of cross-grain cowhide

December 21 , 2021

Wholesalers who often purchase bags know that several popular brand bags, such as PRADA, burberry, MK, TB, MCM, and FENDI, have many popular styles using cross-grain cowhide. The factory will also follow up before production. Buyers emphasize this point. What is cross grain cowhide? What are the types and differences of cross grain cowhide? How to distinguish the authenticity of cross-grain cowhide? We have compiled some relevant knowledge for your reference.

1. What is cross grain cowhide
Cross-grain cowhide is a kind of embossed leather. There are also lychee pattern leather and water pattern leather that belong to the same type of embossed leather. The production principle of embossed leather is basically the same. The surface layer of the cowhide is sprayed with a pvc or pu film, and then pressed into a shape with a steel plate with a corresponding texture at a certain temperature. After the embossed leather is supported, the real and natural texture of the leather material cannot be seen, and it presents a texture similar to a cross pattern or other irregular shapes. After embossing, the leather material not only retains the moisture absorption and breathability of the leather, but also increases the wear resistance and waterproof performance of the coating. More importantly, the appearance and hardness are changed, and the plasticity is stronger. For example, the hardness of cross-grain cowhide is higher than that of the original leather, which is more suitable for shaping bags.

Cross grain leather of different textures and colors

2. Types of cross grain cowhide

According to different leather materials, real cross-grain cowhide has two types: first layer cowhide cross pattern and second layer cowhide cross pattern. There is also a fake cross pattern leather. The raw material is PU material or PU is mixed with some bottom corner leather. The pure PU material can also be pressed into a cross grain leather effect.

The cross pattern, like all other leather materials, can be made on pu, second layer leather and first layer leather. Many low-priced products on the Internet use pu. The price of pu is calculated by meters or yards. The width is 150cm, which is equivalent to 16-17 feet when converted to square feet. The price is 20-30 yuan per meter. You can make 3 medium-sized ones. Package, so you know how much it costs. The cross-patterned two-layer, domestically produced, and specially emphasized domestically, because the second-tier also has very expensive ones. For example, first-tier brands will also use the second-tier, but this second-tier and the domestic second-tier are not a concept, so the emphasis is on domestic production. The domestically produced second floor is generally at around 10 yuan a square foot, and is not subject to force, so special attention should be paid to the reinforcement in the production. Because the second layer is embossed with film, it will peel off after a long time. The first floor is actually divided into many levels, not the first floor is high-end, ranging from 10 yuan to hundreds of dollars, shopping malls priced at three to five thousand are around 30.

3. How to distinguish the true and false of cross-grain cowhide
Just looking at the finished product-the surface of the bag, the above three types of cross grain leather are indistinguishable. In terms of hand feel, the texture of the first layer of cowhide is tight and thin, and the second layer of cowhide is thinner and thicker. After making the embossed leather, the top layer of cross-grain cowhide has a harder hand and a thinner thickness, while the second-layer cross-grain leather has a better hand feeling, moderate hardness and elasticity, and a thicker thickness. Note here: Although it is generally said that the price of the first-layer cross-grain leather is higher, some imported second-layer cross-grain leather is more expensive because of its good craftsmanship.

As for pure pu or cross grain leather made with bottom corner leather, it is not wear-resistant and not resistant to use. Hand feeling requirements can be adjusted by the processor, so it is mainly distinguished by the method of looking at the cut surface and smell. The cross-grain cowhide made of genuine leather has a natural leather taste, while the cross-grain leather made of PU has the smell of chemical materials. If you cut a piece and light it, the smell will be more pronounced.

High imitation cross-grain leather bags vary greatly in cost due to different materials. Some cross-grain leather wholesalers will also find luggage factories to order high imitation bags and sell them to leather product buyers. Here is a reminder to pay attention when purchasing custom leather bags. Poorly crafted cross-grain bags are not guaranteed to be used in materials, so you must not be greedy for cheap.

Adhering to the principle of integrity and trustworthiness, Gionar Leather Company only cooperates with qualified leather suppliers for long-term cooperation. All kinds of high-end handbags and bags produced are made of high-quality leather, strictly guaranteeing the quality of bags and protecting the interests of buyers. Welcome Luggage shopkeepers and foreign trade buyers from all over come to make a board and place an order.

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