Vegetable tanned leather with various fibers

Apr 27, 2022

Bahania is a kind of planted tanned leather produced by Hermes, and it will have yellowish brown and yellowish brown in color. The leather surface is relatively thin and hard, and it is very tight in fiber. It will have a slightly frosted feeling on the surface, which is very good in hand feeling and appearance, and it will not easily change color after long-term use. However, it will also have great disadvantages. We only need to carry out a careful maintenance, and we have better bending resistance in terms of bending. Because an excessive bending will immediately wrinkle the leather surface, and a dark water mark will continue to appear after encountering water.
Oil soaked leather is made by soaking the original leather blank in oil. There are two kinds of commonly used oil soaked leather: oil wax leather and crazy horse leather. Crazy horse leather is mainly a kind of horse leather soaked by horse leather or cow leather with horse oil. It mainly has a leather making technology of American Indians. It is relatively hard in terms of leather surface, and it will also have its own discoloration effect at the fold of leather surface, There will be irregular oil soaked spot texture on the leather surface, and the thickness is generally about 2mm. Crazy horse skin is mainly suitable for us to make all kinds of outdoor leather goods, and crazy horse skin also has unique self-healing characteristics. With the passage of time, not too deep scratches will slowly fade away.
In terms of oil wax leather, we can slowly add oil in the tanning process, and wax the leather at high temperature in our later treatment. The cost is very low, and the leather texture will be very good. It mainly belongs to a kind of leather with relatively high cost performance. The main thickness is 1.5-2.5mm, in terms of softness and hardness, and there are a variety of colors. The skin of oil wax is not particularly delicate on the surface. Therefore, it is more suitable to make it into a kind of leather goods for our leisure. If the leather is stained with oil or water, the color will deepen, but it will also easily produce the effect of scratch. Because the oil wax leather does not need too much special repair on the scratch, the scratch will also produce some special leather effects as time goes by
In terms of bags, the main materials are leather, PVC, artificial leather, patent leather, plush fabrics and so on. When we touch the leather surface with our hands, for example, it will feel soft, smooth, elastic and plump, which will be more like the texture of leather; Generally, rigid, astringent and poor softness conditions will occur on the surface of our synthetic leather. And there will be clear patterns or pores on the leather surface. If it is genuine leather, it has the taste of leather. On the contrary, artificial leather has a strong pungent smell.
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