Process of maintaining vegetable tanned leather

Apr 27, 2022

The color of vegetable tanned leather will be deepened rapidly after we oiling and maintenance. If we cooperate with enough sunlight in the oiling process, the color of vegetable tanned leather can be deepened several times in three to six months. However, while dyeing vegetable tanned leather, it will not always produce the effect of discoloration in the process of our use.
Vegetable tanned leather in the process of our use, if the longer the time, the softness of the leather is also relatively good, the more oil is absorbed, and the darker the color is. In a part where we are often subject to friction, it shows an obvious sense of coating.
Generally speaking, vegetable tanned leather stored for a long time will restore our texture through oiling and maintenance. And if we don't restore the texture of the old vegetable tanned leather, don't bend too much, it will be very easy to break the internal fiber and reduce the service life we can use in the future. Vegetable tanned leather can also be dyed when leaving the factory, that is, through dyed vegetable tanned leather. Its main feature is that the color of bed surface, front and section is the same, and it is very easy to make beautiful leather edges.
Nowadays, many vegetable tanned leathers are mostly used by leather carvers or beginners. Compared with the high-grade leather products a hundred years ago, they are mainly made of vegetable tanned leather. In fact, saddle leather, horse hip leather, Carpinus leather and so on, which have been commonly used in today's leather industry, belong to our high-grade leather, and all belong to vegetable tanned leather. In terms of rein leather, the leather material used to be made with harness rein in the past is generally 3.5-4.0mm in factory thickness and relatively high in toughness after being made through cow leather. It is also a kind of polishing with a very high degree, which is also a choice for us to make high-grade leather tools today. Rein leather is very outstanding in texture, and it is generally used to make it into a relatively generous and simple style. Compared with business leather goods, it is used in a relatively large amount.
Because the rein leather needs to maintain a certain toughness in this process, it also needs to have a great tensile strength. Therefore, the oil content in the rein leather is relatively small. At the beginning of our use, we will feel that the leather is relatively hard, but it will be improved after use for a period of time. However, it can not be as soft as the vegetable tanned leather used for the same time. In addition, the rein leather can only be dyed by surface dyeing, mainly because the alcohol in the dye will reduce the fiber strength of our leather. Saddle leather is mainly a kind of Harness Leather, which is also different from the rein leather. Besides, saddle leather has certain elasticity in terms of leather surface while ensuring its firmness, mainly because it needs to ride for a long time in terms of saddle, and it can't be used if the leather elasticity is not good. Therefore, the thickness of saddle leather is relatively thick, and the factory thickness is mainly 2.5-4.0mm. It is obvious that the color is relatively uniform and easy to absorb our oil. It is very suitable for us to make all kinds of leather products that can often contact the skin.
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