Differences between full grain pastry and half grain pastry

May 07, 2022

Full grain leather can be divided into wrinkled leather, soft leather, front leather and so on. In terms of characteristics, it is complete, retains the natural grain surface in the leather itself, is relatively small, clear and compact in terms of pores, and is not very regular in terms of arrangement, and is very meticulous and plump in terms of surface, with good air permeability and elasticity. It is a kind of high-grade leather. The leather products made with this kind of cowhide are very comfortable, durable and beautiful.
Because there will be a slight damage on the surface of half grain leather, it can only be ground into a grain with only a shallow degree, which will be called half grain leather. It still maintains part of the style of natural leather. The pores are relatively flat and oval, the arrangement is also very irregular, and the hand feel is relatively hard. In general, we will choose our poor grade raw leather, which is a kind of medium-grade leather. Due to the particularity of the process, there is no disability and scar on the surface, and the utilization rate is relatively high. The finished products are relatively not easy to deform, so they will also be used for products with relatively large area under normal circumstances.
Because the surface of the leather has a slightly damaged half grain leather, and there is only one grain surface of our relatively shallow degree in grinding, it is also called our half grain leather. After maintaining the style of natural leather, the pores will be relatively flat and oval, the arrangement is not very regular, and the hand feel will be relatively hard. Therefore, generally speaking, the raw material leather with relatively poor grade is also our middle-grade leather. Because of a particularity of the process, on the surface, it is mainly the effect of disability without scar. In terms of our utilization rate, it is relatively high. In terms of finished products, it is relatively easy to deform. Therefore, we need to constantly apply it to products with large area.
In terms of the characteristics of shaving leather, the surface is relatively smooth and flat, without pores and skin lines. In our production process, the surface grain surface should be mainly slightly polished, and then sprayed with a layer of our colored resin on the leather to cover up a grain on the leather surface. In fact, after spraying our water-based light permeable resin, we can cosmetic the rough and disabled natural leather surface. This kind of leather basically loses an original surface state, and is it also processed in terms of pattern? It doesn't seem very natural. The smooth leather mainly belongs to our shaved leather category. Because of the surface brightness, we don't have two kinds of bright leather and fog leather. Therefore, the fog faced cowhide will not shine on the surface. The bright face leather adopts a colorless resin with relatively good light transmittance and brightness in our bright layer. The color under it is mainly displayed through it. It is very dazzling and bright in leather, and it also presents a relatively gorgeous style. It is a popular leather of today's fashion leather goods.
Calf leather, which died in the fetus or died after birth, is relatively tender and smooth in cortex and moderate in thickness. Because the tread is relatively clear, and the hand feel and elasticity are also good, the calf leather belongs to a kind of full grain leather in natural leather. The pores are relatively small, the distribution is relatively uniform and compact, the grain surface is also relatively fine, and the leather surface is bright Plump, thin epidermis, relatively compact in the fibrous tissue of the skin, relatively uniform in thickness, and very soft in the skin plate; In terms of hand feel, it is more solid, more elastic and has good air permeability. At present, some businesses have generalized the concept of fetal cow leather for their own needs and interests. The said fetal cow leather is mainly the cow leather that is more tender than calf leather. Tire leather is very fragile and easily damaged, so we generally don't use it to make our leather shoes, but it can be used to make our wallet.
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