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19 Jun, 2018

We launched a new pre-sale package for women's bags last year. MOQ is 5pcs/design/color,  can customize your own brand (logo).This point attracted to the "Vagabond Shoemakers".

And then Our story begins. They first picked up five new models in our company and made samples, but they were not satisfied with some details.

In May of this year, we invited their designers to visit our factory, which is to provide VIP customers with a free business trip to Guangzhou. This trip is a turning point in our cooperation.

Their designers visited our factory, showroom, and saw all our products and work processes.

We reached an agreement on the ‘Service is our company purpose’:

Great attention is paid to the choice of materials and construction methods. And when modifications are needed, we work together in the studio to make these happen until we are 100% satisfied. The sum of all the details and choices in our design and construction processes is what makes our bag exceptional.

Things of one kind come together. We build Long-term cooperation from that time.

For us, its about continually moving forward, being bold and trying new paths. Always searching; we are modern vagabonds.

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If you are interesting in our product or have any idea, please let us know.