Lead Time | Delivery Time : It is very important !

29 Jun, 2020

 What are the important factors when you choosing the supplier? The quality, prices, the MOQ? Delivery time? I think all are important.

Here, let’s talk about “Delivery time “.

     As a fashion industry, the delivery time is the import as the designs.

    We have a customers who is an independent brand designer. Before working with our factory, she designed a series of a fashion handbag and backpack products and produced the sample from other suppliers. All things were going well including the market testing. But the delivery time was 22 days delayed when she placed the bulk order. She lost the best opportunity to sell cause she was going to sell these new products during the Christmas days!

    As a professional leather products factory, Gionar keep long-term cooperative relationship with many brands. Not only the quality and the prices but also we can provide a good delivery time for our customers.

1. We are a professional bag factory With a detailed division of labor and professional management.

2. There are over 100+ workers at our factory, the production capacity is from 10,000 pieces of -15,000 pieces. Different designs, different the production capacity.

3. The lead time is from 30days to 40 days.

*We sign a trade contract with each customer. And we will compensate if the delay in delivery.

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