Various types of bag styles

May 06, 2022

The rectangular bag is relatively flat at the bottom, and the capacity is relatively large. In general, we can carry our long shoulder belt obliquely, and there will be a handle on the top. Generally, it has a rectangular shape and belongs to our flip design. It is equipped with a lock, a magnetic buckle or a needle buckle for sealing.
Saddle bag is mainly a kind of hanging bag originated from our saddle, which is also a half moon shape. From the front, it is mainly a design of flip cover, and usually equipped with a long shoulder belt that can be slung. In terms of saddle bag size, it is usually small or medium. Generally, leather will be matched with some harness for detailed design.
The side of the travel bag is relatively flat, and the internal space is relatively large. The design of the double handle at the top is mainly equipped with a long shoulder strap. In terms of zipper sealing, large-size bags are generally regarded as travel bags, and in general, they will use a material of our canvas. Small and medium-sized bags are relatively daily, such as Boston bucket bags, bowling bags and so on.
As far as leather is concerned, it is mainly a kind of leather material with the same primary color in fatliquoring, which is very different in terms of fatliquoring with horn oil, non fatliquoring and leather wax. Now let me tell you about the three common forms of care agents: in terms of horn oil, it is mainly extracted from cattle foot oil bone. It is the best grease for vegetable tanning leather in maintenance and modification, but it is mainly liquid grease, which is very excellent in fiber lubricity and permeability, so it is sometimes used in a fatliquoring operation in the process of tanning. In addition, after the cow's foot oil is irradiated by one of our sunlight, it can be transformed into one of our amber colors, and it can promote our leather to show the effect of one color of sunlight in the modification of primary vegetable tanned leather.
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