Q:How to choose a good handbag factory ?

Apr 02, 2020

Are you looking for the handbag factory to provding the good high quality bag products for your brands ? Through the Internet, you can see various kinds of handbag factories. On the Internet, everyone says that they are factories that can produce and control high-quality bags. However, many of them are trading companies. They have no factories and cannot control the quality. Of course, this does not mean that all trading companies can not offer you the good quality products .

Customer A :a purchasing specialist for branded bags. 

Last year they found our Gionar leather products on the website and sent us some samples. It was learned that these models were produced by a supplier who they found at the exhibition Before sampling, the supplier promised that the quality of their products was very good, and many well-known brands cooperated with them. However, the actual model came out and did not meet the Customer A ‘needs at all. In the process, too much time was wasted and the new product could not be released as scheduled .

In fact, many suppliers will tell you that XX brands work with them, but this is unproven. And most brands require a non-disclosure agreement, they won't let their peers know about their producers

lient B: a brand independent designer
In May 2018, Customer B found us through the network and sent us a design requesting a quote. After communication, Customer B decided to make sample from 3 suppliers (Including us ). I remember  Customer B was requried the very high quality and made of full grain leather . 

The customer got a model to compare prices, and eventually chose to produce 1,000 large goods in other factory. After consulting and understanding, the customers said that our model workmanship is the best, but the price is 6USD more expensive than other suppliers. So she worked with others .

In September of the same year, the customer contacted our company again and said that the 1,000 bags made from other supplier before were sold out, but more than 40% of the customers applied for refunds and compensations because the zipper broken and the customer reports that the product was not full leather.

Since our products have been tested for several months and the quality is still very good, the customers finally chose to cooperate with us again. As of January 2020, the 7th production has been shipped out .
For all products, we are alway believe that : What paid for ,what will you get .If the material are same , the quality is same , the price is almost same from different suppliers . 

So , how to select a good bag factory ?

In general, a good factory involves many factors, such as plant area, number of workers, machinery and equipment, etc. The main points are introduced below.

1. Plant Area

To judge a factory, the first consideration is the plant area. Usually, the factory occupies a larger area, which often reflects the production, sales and management capabilities of a factory.

2.Number of Workers

In addition, the number of workers is also a very important factor, which directly reflects the capacity of a factory.

3.QTY and Types of Machinery and Equipment

4.Coordination & Distribution by Management

5.After-sales service

As customers, we are not only concerned about the quality of the products, but also the after-sales service of the factory.

So how to rate the after-sales service of a factory?

--It depends on their attitude, behavior and efficiency in handling problems.

Good factories will patiently listen to customer feedback, take a positive attitude to develop solutions, and implement them as soon as possible. This also saves customers a lot of time and energy.

6.R&D Ability

R&D Ability means Research and Development ability of New Designs. 

1.How many New Styles a factory could push out in one month.

2.How's the sale of the designs?

3.Design Colors-Fashion/Popular or not?

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