Processability of different leather skins

May 7 , 2022

The smooth leather inside the leather is mainly used in many leather products, and because the smooth leather has relatively good tensile strength, dirt resistance and wear resistance, and also has a very good air permeability. Suede leather is not only very generous and elegant in appearance, but also very good in air permeability. The disadvantage is that it is very dirty and not well maintained. Especially in our bad environment, suede leather shoes are very easy to be sucked in due to the influence of dust. After encountering our water, the wool will also fall down. There is a kind of modified leather in leather. Because it can be painted and processed on the leather surface, it can be pressed into many different lines. Some coated leather materials show the phenomenon of thick, which is very poor in air permeability and wear resistance. For ordinary companies, at present, they mainly produce leather clothing such as sheep’s skin, pig’s skin, fur leather and cow’s leather. Fur leather and genuine leather are mainly semi processed and semi natural clothing raw materials. With the continuous improvement of a domestic leather making process, the same kind of leather can be added into many different styles of leather, so it is difficult for consumers to identify the types of leather. There are many kinds of quality in identifying clothing leather and so on. In terms of leather, there are many parts that need to be used in leather products. Therefore, the wear resistance, dirt resistance and tensile strength of smooth leather are relatively good, Good air permeability.

Suede leather is very generous and elegant in appearance and good in air permeability, but the main disadvantage is that it is very easy to get dirty and difficult to maintain. Especially in a bad environment, suede leather shoes are very easy to inhale dust, and the pile will fall down after encountering water I don’t have. There is a kind of modified leather in leather, which is mainly made by finishing on the leather surface. Because many different lines can be pressed, it is relatively thick for some coated leather materials, and its wear resistance and air permeability are relatively poor.A two-layer skin obtained by sectioning with our skin slicing machine is mainly a two-layer part with loose fibrous tissue, mainly a layer under the dermis. Formed by spraying chemical materials or film covering, the two-layer skin has a loose tissue fiber layer. It can be used to make leather products only after polishing or spraying chemical raw materials. It always maintains the characteristics of technical plasticity and natural elasticity to a certain extent, but it is relatively poor in strength.
Mainly in terms of texture, our cow leather can be divided into the most important 8 layers after simple segmentation, and our outermost layer is our head skin, which is also relatively good in quality. The second is our second skin, which is generally inferior to the head skin in terms of elasticity, air permeability and strength. Cattle, sheep and pig skins with granular epidermis have natural scars, blood tendon marks and other original skin features. Sometimes they have a knife wound in the processing process or a part with low utilization rate of belly. Because the dense and thin fiber head layer is composed of a tightly connected transitional loose layer, it has very good strength Flexibility and plasticity in technology.

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