How to distinguish full grain leather and top grain leather ?

March 22 , 2021

Definition :What is top grain leather ?

•Top-grain leather is a higher-quality product , the second-highest grade of leather after full-grain leather. The outer, higher-quality parts in the hide are “top grain”. It is produced from the hide but the outermost layer is sanded off and buffing so that any imperfection or irregularities are removed. Gets rid of any wrinkles, scars, blemishes and defects that may exist on the outer surface of the leather. It’s a durable product although not quite as tough as full grain leather .


• Soft and shows natural character : in a consistent and uniform look.


•Thinner and more suitable for working and tooling by the manufacturer . A moderately-priced leather less costly as compared to full-grain leather .

• A leather good with a consistent finish that will last a long time .

•Can be dyed and patterned to mimic other exotic leathers. It does not have the look and feel of the original hide, but can be made to resemble any animal hide that is desired.

How To Care

•Store in a cool and dry place. If it gets wet or you spill something on it, wipe it dry using a soft clean cloth, never use heat to dry it as the leather may crack from over drying.

•Condition the leather with a high-quality leather conditioner at least twice a year. Need to clean dirty leather with a high-quality leather soap at times.

•Avoid storing the leather in a plastic cover as this may cause mold to grow. To remove mold, use a soft clean cloth dipped in a solution of isopropyl alcohol mixed with water in equal proportions.


Definition :What is full grain leather ?

•Full-grain leather is a top-grain leather that shows all its natural grain and is the most natural, is the toughest kind of leather and has the most character. It’s the entire hide of the animal once the hair is removed and the material is tanned . Is made from the whole hide of the animal. The hide of an animal is strongest and most durable just below the hair. Once the hair is removed during processing, the natural grain pattern is visible. The leather made with this part of the hide is called full-grain leather, and because the grain is tighter at this layer, it resists moisture very well. Full-grain leather incorporates the entire grain of the hide with all the imperfections and inherent toughness of the material other leather use only some layers of the hide .


•Natural beauty of the animal hide that shows every scratch and defect. Being tough and hardy .

All full-grain leather will be marked with the scratches and imperfections that result from wear and tear from the animal’s activity .

The leather’s appearance will tell the story of the animal it is from, by tracing the history through the marks and blemishes that each event has left upon it.


•Ideal for elegant furniture and bags that will last you a lifetime and look better with each passing year, . It will develop a rich patina as it ages, lending it a beauty that is much sought after by aficionados.

• Functional provides great value for money due to its durability .

How To Care

• Care for it according to the manufacturer’s instructions , minor scuffs can be removed from oiled full-grain leather by rubbing the area with a moistened finger. A damp cloth can be used for wiping areas which require more intensive cleaning.

•Never use heat to dry the item if it gets wet, as drying it too fast can lead to cracking . Allow it to dry at room temperature. After it dries, applying conditioner or another appropriate leather care protect will keep the leather clean and prevent over drying.

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