How To Choose The Lining For Bags

March 24 , 2021

A good bag needs not only a good design, but also a good quality! We should not only pay attention to leather, the choice of lining is also very important.


The following are our commonly used lining types. Polyester, Nylon, Suede Fabric, Cotton and Canvas. First, polyester and nylon have good abrasion resistance, good surface smoothness, suitable for printing, etc., and the cost is cheap. Many PU bags will choose to use as the lining. Canvas has a rough feel, which is the opposite of the softness of suede fabric, while cotton has strong water absorption and softness. All kinds of materials have their own advantages, as long as they are properly matched, you will surely make your products more advanced.


Guangzhou Gionar Leather Products Factory, has 16 years of customization experience, focusing on quality product customization. Gionar can customize all kinds of leather products for you, providing different lining selection and leather material matching, and 1 to 1 professional sales services, only to customize the products that you recognize.


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