Hardware materials of various gears

May 07, 2022

Our mid-range hardware has no electroplated layer on its surface and presents its own color in terms of hardware material. It is also slightly rough in terms of appearance and workmanship. Therefore, it will be widely used in our vegetable tanned leather and leather products with retro and leisure styles. In terms of advantages, the price is relatively moderate, the texture is relatively good, and has prominent personalized characteristics. However, the disadvantage is that it has a rough style and is not suitable for fine chrome tanned leather works. After we have used it for a period of time, the phenomenon of natural oxidation appears on the surface of copper, and the color will gradually darken and lose its luster. However, special copper polishing paste can be used for a series of polishing.
After treatment, the horse buttock leather is mainly taken from the horse buttocks, which is also the smoothest and smallest in terms of pores. However, after the emergence of artificial leather, confusion became the definition, which also made most people mistakenly think that leather is genuine leather and leather is artificial leather. The tanned horse skin was used to wrap the soldier's body. Naturally, in ancient times, no one would make leather to wrap the body. Therefore, after we clarify, we will have the effect of changing words.
In terms of our tanning methods, from our leather to leather, there are many kinds of tanning methods, all of which are our first layer of leather, namely cow leather. The price will vary many times in the market, mainly because of the different tanning methods. For some top leather, it takes about 3-6 months to tanning, which only takes us less than a week compared with ordinary leather. The main advantage of our rapid development of chrome tanning is that we can divide chrome tanning into three types in one week. Therefore, the main advantage of our rapid development of chrome tanning is that we can complete chrome tanning in one week. In the current market, many bags use our chrome tanned leather, which is very consistent with the understanding of most of our users for leather. After chrome tanning, the fiber layer will be damaged by physical chemistry and then become our flocculent structure, so it will be relatively soft and will not be polished and sealed.
Under the traditional leather tanning and vegetable tannin, we mainly use our different animal leather or vegetable tannin to produce our tanning reaction, which is relatively complex and inefficient. After we tanning a piece of leather, it takes 1-2 months fast and 3-6 months slow. At present, most high-quality vegetable tanned leather is mainly produced in some developed countries abroad. In vegetable tanned leather, it can retain the fiber structure very well, so it has the characteristics of very hard and edge sealing plasticity.
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