Different types of cowhide pores

May 07, 2022

Calf leather maintained under the age of two is relatively smaller in pores than cattle, and the tensile force will be relatively strong, but the price is relatively high. Calf leather belongs to a relatively high-grade variety of our cow leather because the pore surface is relatively small or clearer. The so-called calf leather is that cattle are slaughtered when they are relatively young, and the size under each cow leather will not exceed 15 square feet. It is also a relatively smooth and soft leather. For calf leather, it is one of the best raw materials for making leather shoes. However, compared with calf leather, the leather of adult cattle is more difficult to process, and the price of this kind of leather is also higher after processing. Calf leather is more tender and smooth in leather, with more moderate thickness, clearer tread pattern, better elasticity and good hand feel. Then there is our cow leather, which is not as delicate as calf leather in terms of color and feel.
Vegetable tanning uses our vegetable tanning agent for leather processing. It will be more environmentally friendly in the whole processing process, and it will be limited in color. It is not allowed to dye many bright colors. In general, vegetable tanned leather is the best choice for us in leather carving and primary color leather goods. Vegetable tannin is a kind of plant tissue with industrial value in vegetable tannin. Moreover, in terms of trees, skins, wood and fruits, after vegetable tanning treatment, the molding will be relatively good, and the board surface is relatively plump and elastic, and there is no greasy feeling. The suede surface and grain surface of leather have luster, which is easy to soften after absorbing water, and the plasticity is relatively easy to shape. In terms of color, it transitions from natural light meat pink to light brown, which is very suitable for leather carving.
Vegetable tanned leather is tanned with natural vegetable tanning agent, which is very environmentally friendly. Vegetable tanned leather is easy to deform after being exposed to water, and it will be shaped if it is not treated in time. Due to the characteristics of vegetable tanned leather in terms of water absorption, the leather shoes made of it are also very good in terms of moisture absorption. Because the color of vegetable tanned leather is very limited, and the adhesion in terms of color is also very good, the brushing technology that can be used has become one of our bright colors.
Chrome tanned leather will easily deform after being heated, and its water resistance is also good. Obviously, its moisture absorption is not better than vegetable tanned leather. However, the leather tanned with it will be very washable and stable. In terms of aluminum tanning, aluminum salts mainly include aluminum sulfate, alum and aluminum chloride. Alum is expressed as white sail in our simple spoken language. Ammonium alum is mainly divided into three categories
Sodium alum and potassium alum. Because of its relatively good solubility in ammonium alum, it is often used. Vegetable tanning agent can increase the shrinkage temperature of our leather after aluminum retanning with aluminum salt. Improve our flexibility and sweat resistance. And it can save our tannin extract.
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