Carefully polished saddle leather or bridle leather

Apr 27, 2022

Saddle leather and rein leather can be made without lining when making our large bags, and as long as they are carefully polished on the bed surface. From the historical point of view, the main reason is that the suture on the harness can reduce the strength of our products, and the suture can only be used when it is necessary to sew. In today's modern times, because these two kinds of leather need super high physical strength when we sew, we should try to sew as little as possible. At the same time, it is also a choice for most people. In terms of waxing leather, it mainly belongs to harness leather, which is more unique in texture and more moderate in thickness. In terms of factory thickness, it is mainly 2-3.5mm. It is made by repeated high-temperature waxing with finished vegetable tanned leather. There should be white frost like exudation of wax layer on our leather surface, which can be removed by grinding hard. Waterproof and sunscreen have certain scratch resistance. In terms of finished products, the service life is relatively long and the appearance is relatively hard, but the leather surface under this leather material is prone to wrinkling during sewing. We should always pay attention to the strength of our sewing.
Horse hip leather is a special category in our high-grade vegetable tanned leather, but it only selects a kind of leather from horse hip for production. The leather fiber is very tight, the leather surface is very delicate, and the reflection is very strong after high polishing. Special horse hip leather, such as Xinxi horse hip, will make our original leather bed surface into our leather surface after pressure polishing, while the front of the original leather is mainly on the inner side of the leather. In fact, horse hip skin is very easy to have scratches, and it is also very easy to repair. When using our fine cloth or fine sandpaper, we should constantly add our polishing wax for polishing, which can disappear from the small scratches.
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