A brief introduction to the functions of diaper bag

March 29 , 2021

The common diaper bags on the market are generally divided into three types: portable, one-shoulder, double-shoulder styles.

1.Portable Style

Portable mommy bags are usually small and convenient, which are more fashionable to carry in your hands. In addition, the portable mommy bag is convenient formammy to take the items at any time, and it can prevent the items from being lost in the sight range and crowded places, which increases the safety of the mommy bag to a certain extent.


The one-shoulder style means that there is only one shoulder strap that simply slung the bag.Compared with the portable type, the one-shoulder bag is also convenient to take things, and it can free the mother’s hands and make it more convenient for them to take care of the children. The capacity is also slightly larger than the portable type, which can hold more items.


It is a diaper bag style with biggest capacity The double-shoulder design can evenly distribute the pressure in the bag to both shoulders, which can relieve a lot of pressure for mothers and make it easier to take the baby out.

The interior of the mommy bag is designed with a clear partition, and the necessary supplies for the baby’s travel are placed in different categories, such as the insulated milk bottle and water bottle area, milk powder box, diaper area, clothing area, cleaning supplies area and other independent areas, so that the mother can take, put and put together. Classification to provide convenience for mothers to take their children out.

(1)Front pocket:Made of Insulation materials and can put different size baby bottle(make the milk or water keep warm)

(2)Dry and wet separation bag:Can put wet towels ,dirty clothes etc.(The purpose is to isolate clothing and maintain hygiene and health)

Side Tissue Pocket:it is designed for mother to get the tissue easily.

Anti-theft pocket on the back:put cards/phone/money on the back of bags

(1)Main Pocket:can put down the milk powder box, diapers and bag clothes neatly and orderly

(2)Slip pocket:Made of Insulation materials and can put different size baby bottle as requirement.

Diaper Pad:babies can sit or sleep on this pad when outside.

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