2021 Color Trend of Women Bag

Mar 05, 2021

As the market's demand for non-seasonal colors continues to grow, Pink-wax colors have become an important color choice this year. Pink-wax colors tend to be saturated colors in the autumn and winter of 21/22, echoing the market's demand for calm and comfortable healing colors, which will continue to be popular in the Post period of epidemic.

Light yellow( Cream-yellow)

In the autumn and winter of 21 / 22, yellow will keep its warm property, but develop into a lighter and softer light banana yellow. Although the purity of banana yellow is low, it has a warm, lively and generous color feeling, with high lightness, which is suitable for the effect of bright sunlight. It is a kind of warm, elegant and stable color.

Peach-Pink color

Peach pink has a texture of gray tones, mainly soft and simple colors, giving a fresh, sweet and lively atmosphere. Handed a positive and optimistic mood. Peach pink gives the girly and delicate feelings that girls all want.

Matte Purple

Matte purple is mixed with a certain gray scale and has stronger adaptability. It pays attention to creating continuity between seasons. It is the best choice for creating cross-border single products.

Grey- Blue

Grey- blue is a color with a warm purple tone, and the overall tone is grayish and high-end look. It is used in urban commuter clothes and has a comfortable and textured feel. Combine with the generous and concise leisure profile, and ingeniously integrate the high-end city and leisure

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