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Jun 19, 2018

With the rapid development of China's economy, more and more foreign friends like to learn Chinese culture. Even worship and obsessed with the extensive and profound  Chinese traditional culture. Whether it is the “Chinese fever” that continues to heat up in the world or the intelligent peoples who are famous on the “Dou Ying”(A Dub-smash app in China), which is popular with many foreign fans. Every Chinese city attracts millions of foreigners to China to pursue their “China dream” with its unique charm
There are too many reasons to fall in love with China, and my hometown Guangzhou is one of the biggest reasons why the foreign friend "Never wanna leave."
In recent years, Guangzhou is accelerating the development of the “three centers and one system” (Which are include the international shipping center, international logistics center, international trade center, and modern financial service system) and important national central cities. The export-oriented economy is developed and the transportation is convenient. There are more and more foreigners come to Guangzhou to invest, do business, find jobs, study, and travel.
In the spring of 2018, the 123rd Canton Fair officially opened in Guangzhou. Our company Guangzhou Gionar Leather Products also participate in this exhibition. We would communicate with leather goods customers from all over the world. We looking to see you at the exhibition.

The exhibition date is from May 1st to May 5th, 2018. We prepare some information that can help you have a nice trip to Guangzhou for business.

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